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Strong Demand for Villa and Apartment Rentals in Fethiye Region in Turkey

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Article by: (Martin Kellett) Published: 09/12/2010

The buyers market in Turkey is improving on the strength of tourism and rental demand, confidence in Turkey's economic future and the continuing potential of capital gains growth.

Whilst the worldwide property market still remains flat and void of growth in many parts of the world, Turkey seems to be bucking this trend by releasing stronger than expected economic figures and its booming tourism sectors shows no signs of slowing down... all in all quite an impressive performance in the present state of the world’s economies.

In fact many of the leading worldwide banking institutions are currently reviewing Turkey's credit rating position and are being considered as an upgrade to a country with investment opportunities.

None the less, whilst the worldwide appeal for holidays, vacations and stays in this beautiful and great value non Euro country persist, there is real opportunity for the savvy property investor to make a great deal.

During the 2008 to 2010 difficult economic period, the number of new investors in the Turkish, foreign owner property market rose significantly.

It seems that Turkey's good economic future, the countries continued and impressive tourism growth and even the countries banking institutions, which are not as heavily leveraged as many of their European counterparts, all point in one direction for country... towards a country with good investment potential.

With all the key indicators pointing towards this may be it is time for you to consider an investment in Turkey?

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