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Albanian Economy still Growing and Credit Rating Affirmed with Stable Outlook


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Article by: (Ismet Terziu) Published: 04/01/2012

Albania has surprised many analysts and has proven it can survive the tough conditions that have swept the Eurozone. A further positive news on the economy came when S&P (Standard & Poor's) and (Moody’s) Affirmed Albania's Ratings at B+/B with Stable Outlook.

The global rating agency Standard & Poor's said on a report for Albania that it affirmed its long and short term foreign and local currency sovereign credit ratings for Albania at B+/B with a stable outlook.

Albania economy has made impressive improvements on infrastructure and energy sector. A newly completed coastal road passing through the Albanian Riviera from Vlora to Saranda, offers the much needed transit route for tourists and visitors as well as for local businesses.

A major part of highways have now being completed including the Durres to Kosovo link and majority of Tirana/Durres to Vlora/Gjirokastra.

The much needed highway with a long tunnel linking the capital city Tirana with Elbasan, en route to eastern part of Albania and Macedonia has also started and completion is scheduled for 2013.

Albania Tourism is on the increase and new hotels and resorts in Albania are being build and planned. The Albania real estate sector is also stable with prices over 70% cheaper then neighbouring countries, there are bargains to be discovered.

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