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Investing in Southern Italy


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Article by: (Mrs Helen Walker) Published: 08/01/2009

Despite the global economic downturn, savvy investors will know that property in Southern Italy will continue to be a sound long-term investment. This is an alternative to pension schemes enabling you to enjoy your investment now whilst protecting your retirement.

Despite the depressing global economic downturn, I feel reassured and comfortable at my recent investment in the South of Italy in the up and coming region of Calabria.

After visiting the region in April last year, temperatures rose to 25 deg. reassuring me that this destination would suit people looking for the sun all year round. The area is more rural and traditional but it felt very safe and friendly and I felt I was experiencing real the Italy.

The beaches are clean with fine white sands and there are plenty of traditional restaurants and bars to enjoy. A car is essential in this area as there is so much to see off the beaten track. Beautiful mountainous landscapes with hidden treasures, such as the Stilo’s Cattolica, a 14th century building set on the mountain-side. Inland there are forests and waterfalls and if you are interested in history you can find remains tracing back 3000 years to the earliest Greek settlements in Italy.

So you really can have your cake and eat it! Investing in property in this part of Italy will realise a return in the next 5-10 years. The area is undergoing redevelopment which includes the Italian government pledging 100 billion euros of national and EU investment to the south coast. You can see the changes already with infrastruture improvements and the Lamezia Terme airport improving connections.

Some reports showed that during 2008 property values increased by more than 30%. It is predicted this increase to continue over the next 5 years with prices increasing between 15 – 20% per year. During July and August, Calabria is awash with Northern Italians enjoying their summer holidays - they obviously know where the best holiday destinations are. Tourism has increased year on year resulting in excellent rental potential.

So why save money in a pension scheme when noone can guarantee the future. It makes sense to protect your money across a number of investments. Purchasing a property in Southern Italy will enable you to reclaim some of the annual costs through rental income, enable you to enjoy holidays all year round whilst watching the value of your property increase.

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